Oils & Lubricants

Engine oil is a vital component of the engine system, lubricating moving parts and ensuring your car has a long and happy life. The grade and type of oil you use can also impact your car’s economy and emissions, so it is essential that you use the correct grade of oil. Oil lubricates such components as engine pistons, crankshaft, valves and much more; simply all of the key internals.


Engine oils don’t self-cleanse and after a short amount of time will start to degrade and become progressively dirtier and less efficient. Experts recommend that you should change your engine oil after at regular intervals according to your manufacturers’ specifications. It’s likely too that you will need to top it up before then, though.


If you wish to check the oil grade that your vehicle should be using, write down your vehicle registration and follow this link http://lubematch.shell.co.uk/gb/en_GB/browse/