Vehicle Electronics

The battery is now a much more integral part of the vehicles electrical system it is imperative the correct battery is fitted, especially as the new battery may require “coding in” first, if the battery does not match up it may not allow the code to be accepted and dashboard warning lights will stay illuminated.

With new generation Stop/Start vehicles it’s even more critical the correct battery is fitted, these vehicles require EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) or AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries, the consequences of fitting an incorrect battery are the stop/start technology will not function correctly and the new battery that was fitted will quickly deteriorate and fail prematurely.

Always check against the old battery coming off the vehicle and if in doubt check the manufacturers specifications or seek expert advice.

The car battery has remained relatively unchanged for many years but as vehicle technology has evolved so has the need for more than just a constant voltage supply, the EFB and AGM batteries are just the beginning of this change and the battery is now recognised as the beating heart of the vehicle constantly feeding the ever increasing electrical components.